Fall Yard Cleanup

Fall Yard Cleanup

When the fall season hits, LawnXperts is your source for yard and landscape cleanup. Cleaning up the debris and leaves is vital to help your lawn survive the winter, and to be thick and healthy when spring rolls around. However, there is much more to be done if you want to keep your yard in shape and well-prepared for winter.

Cleaning The Turf Areas

LawnXperts removes all leaves and debris from the premises. Keeping your turf areas free of debris and leaves during the fall season benefits you and your yard in several ways:

  • Curb appeal
  • Maintaining grade and drainage
  • Safety
  • Maximize fall fertilizer treatments
  • Prevents spread of fungi and diseases
  • Thick, healthy grass come spring!

Most people appreciate the fall colors while the leaves are on the trees, but the problems begin once the leaves fall. Leaves tend to collect in low areas of your lawn and effectively hide trip hazards, change the drainage of your lawn, and also diminish the overall look of your lawn. Clean turf areas maximize fall fertilizer treatments because the fertilizer needs access to turf roots, so you want to make soil contact as easy as possible.

Fall Flower Bed Cleanup

Fall is a great time to clean up your flower beds and prepare the beds for the cold winter season. By removing all the debris and weeds in the fall and putting down a protective layer of mulch, you will set your flower beds up for a great spring season.

Cleaning and mulching in the flower beds will:

  • Maintain Moisture Levels
  • Prevent Soil Erosion
  • Fall Fertilizer Treatment
  • Guard Against Weeds
  • Protect Fertilizers

Replanting with fall plants and flowers is also a great way to maintain your home’s curb appeal as well as maintain some color and contrast to the fall colors.

Cleaning and Preparation Of Your Shrubs

Experts in the landscape community agree that fall is the best time to trim away the dead limbs and clean away dead leaves to prepare your shrubs before winter hits. Keeping your shrubs in shape enhances your curb appeal, and also benefits the health of your plants and plant beds.

Cleaning Walkways And Driveways

Clean walkways have advantages like curb appeal and safety. Clean, well-edged walkways and edges help set great yards apart from mediocre lawns in every season.

Knowing snow season is imminent, fall is a prime time to check your walkways and borders for integrity to be sure they are safe to use when the snow lands. Walkways and driveways that are clean before they are covered in snow or ice are much easier and safer to clear once snow hits.

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